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Shambhavi kriya as: Purificatory action, practice, exercise, or rite; movement; function; skill. Shambhavi Kriyas purify the body and nervous system as well as the subtle bodies to enable the yogi to reach and hold on to higher levels of consciousness and being. And  Shambhavi  Kriya  “The Yoga of Purification: ‘Austerity (tapasya), self-study (swadhyaya), and offering of the life to God (Ishwara pranidhana) .

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Shambhavi Kriya 1st

It was revived by a great master of 9 Nath and 84 Siddha tradition. It includes a series of techniques . taught that practice of Shambhavi Kriya Kundalini Pranayama can accelerate the natural progression of Divine Consciousness in human beings. first Open Your seed You wiil see Who are You......

shambhavi kriya.

Shambhavi Kriya 2nd

Advancing in Shambhavi Kriya" offers clear, useful and practical guidance on how to develop Kundalini, your potential power and consciousness and the chakras, the psychic energetic centers in your vital body.

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Shambhavi Kriya 3rd

Offers lessons in simple tools to live a long, healthy and happy life. It is written for those who wish to develop their understanding of Shambhavi Kriya. can bring relief and promote healing from the effects of a stress and bad habits on the physical body, the emotions and the mind. Get new birth by Shambhavi Kriya.

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