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  25 Days 200 - Hour Tantra and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

$1500   =  $1200

Food  and  Accommodation  Included

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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kathmandu Valley Nepal



200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Kathmandu Valley Nepal  

Ing..   $1200    -   

Shar.. $1000

Welcome to Shambhavi Yoga Peeth

 Certified Teacher Training ASHRAM | Academy !

Shambhavi Yoga Peeth / Academy  – a registered Yoga School offers certified 200 hour  hour Hatha & Tantra Yoga Teacher Training  without losing its factual spirit. Having the roots in India, our program intended for all those people who have a great interest for physical appropriateness, mental health, intellectual development but are unable to find the way to explore it. it is always good for any yoga student to learn this sacred knowledge from its masters having a base in spirituality.

The journey is deeply transforming and deeply joyous. All are supported in the community to rise fully. Yoga is a sacred knowledge practiced through centuries. The beginners course offered at Shambhavi Yoga Peeth is designed in a well-elaborated and systematical manner that includes the practice of asanas, pranayama, meditation and yogic philosophy so beginners can accomplish and explore the full benefits of yoga. 

Offered by Shambhavi Yoga Peeth, you will:

  • Increase your physical fitness and general health.

  • Nourish the body with a traditional yogic diet prepared with nutritional vegetarian foods.

  • Gain clarity for better mental health and thereby, increase overall growth of the mind, body, and soul.

  • Experience spiritual growth and development.

  • Strengthen your meditation practice.

  • Increase in flexibility.

  • Acquire discipline.

  • Be given opportunities to discover the true self and synchronicity with universal truths.

  • Spread happiness and pleasure in your life and in the lives of others.

  • Increase energy and enthusiasm in your daily life.

  • Develop confidence and will power.

Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training  at  Shambhavi.

Shambhavi Yoga’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India course will give you a joyous and healthy way of life. Once you will join 200 hour yoga teacher training at Shambhavi Yoga Peeth , you will get the experience that you haven't got from any other activity in your life. In this course, we will train you in many different yoga forms with the basic essence derived from Yoga Sutras. You will be learning  Tantra and, Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Mantras, Mudras, Ayurveda, History and philosophy of yoga, alignments, and teaching techniques.

Accommodation & Food during the Yoga Teacher Training course

Shambhavi Yoga Peeth offers the best lodging and Food to the students. We have neat and clean rooms with attached bathrooms. Each room is airy, ventilated and packed with all the necessary facilities. The school ensures none of the students faces any problem, and each student have comfortable stay. You also get a free Wi-Fi in your room. ( Different Location ) Nepal , India  , Europe  , 

Ashram facilitated with spacious 35 Mountain view rooms and is just neighbor of our main school. Both of our ashrams are situated in Varanasi. Thus, each student can now have the privilege to feel the energy of mother Ganga River and attain her bliss.


Why study with Shambhavi yoga peeth?

For us a TTC is a gateway, the real training is about empowering you to live and work from your true authentic Self 

We have been teaching people to teach Yoga for over a decade, your in professional and experienced hands 

For us you are not just here to learn the teachings, we teach you how to embody them For us Yoga and Tantra are graceful sciences that we understand from the inside Our courses are held the most stunning locations that embrace nature Our groups are limited from 12 to 16 training participants ,

 After closely observing the lifestyles and needs of people in the West, Swami ji noted that the ancient wisdom of Yoga can be synthesized into five basic principles, which can easily be incorporated into our own lifestyles to provide the foundation for healthy living. It is around these five principles that the activities at the Shambhvai Yoga

Proper Exercise (Asana)

The asanas not only produce a strong, healthy body, but as exercises in meditation they provide deep and powerful inner benefits.

Proper Breathing 


These specific breathing techniques align us with our natural energy, creating physical and mental rejuvenation and promoting optimum health.

Proper Relaxation 

Yoga teaches three levels of relaxation: physical, mental, and spiritual. Savasana is a vital part of keeping the body, mind, and spirit healthy.

Proper Diet (Vegetarian)

A Yogi eats with awareness, choosing food that has the most positive effect on the body and mind and the least negative effect on the environment.

Meditation and

Vedanta Darasan

Life is evolving and accelerating. With Vedanta and meditation, the mind becomes calm and steady. Meditation is especially helpful for those with stressful lives.

Shambhavi Yoga Peeth / Academy Instructors


The Director of Ashram

Swami Ji gives great gratitude to all the inspiring masters and teachers that have directly shared their wisdom and love. 


Ashram Manager 

Yogi Divyanand Ji has been passionately and joyfully dedicated to the yogic path for the last 15 years.


Reiki and Kundalini

Smriti ji Born and brought up in a spiritual environment of a well-respected family in Varanasi, Smriti ji has studied and practiced Tantra and vedic pranayama under the mentor ship of Swami Amuktananda Giri Ji, where she studied meditation, Vedas and yogic philosophy. (Core Subjects: HathaYoga, Pranayama, Vedic Sanskrit Grammar )


Spiritual Master

Swami Ji lives a life devoted to Tantra and spiritual evolution. Swami gives lectures and teaches on yoga, Tantra, and Kundalini philosophy and gratefully enjoys teaching daily Tantra, meditation, and yoga classes.


Asana and Philosophy 

Shankar is a young and dynamic yoga teacher who specializes in Hatha yoga. His passion for yoga began at a young age.

Testimonials - Reviews,


Yoga Teacher Training - Reviews

I finished my 200 hr teacher training course here and I have deepest gratitude towards this school. If you are looking for a traditional yoga practice then this is the school for you surely. It has been a transformational journey for me and I highly recommend it to all yoga enthusiasts. Teachers are highly professional and extremely knowledgeable. Mark my words a beautiful journey awaits you

Written by: Lina Jane Griffin

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