Shambhavi Yoga Peeth Teaching based on Four Pillars | Dharm,Arth,Kaam,Moksha


The Teaching of Shambhavi refers to the four end goals of a human life. The four pillars are Dharma (righteousness, moral values); Artha (prosperity, economic values); Kama (pleasure, love, psychological values); and Moksha (liberation, spiritual values).

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Divyanand is a Yoga Teacher who thinks of himself as an eternal student in awe of the ocean of yoga wisdom. His special expertise is in the field of Shambhavi Kriya, Ayurveda, horoscope and Kundalini Yoga. 

The Human Purusharthas are the inherent values of the Universe: Artha (economic values), Kama (pleasure), Dharma (righteousness), and Moksha (liberation). The Purusharthas are the blueprint for human fulfillment. Working with them helps you create a satisfyingly balanced, meaningful life at the deepest and most holistic level. They offer a way for evaluating your life and making good decisions. Knowing your goals brings meaning to your spiritual practice.

Purushatha means “for the purpose of the Life.


Take a moment and ask yourself, ‘Am I managing my life in a way to support my spiritual growth?’ and ‘What do I really, really want at the level of my Soul?’”

The original Vedic texts only suggested the three goals of Dharma, Artha, and Kama.


In the later Upanishadic era, when people began to seek higher consciousness, the fourth goal of Moksha was added. Although the first three are somewhat interwoven, it is felt that the “right action” of Dharma is a necessary requirement for Artha to be meaningful and the abundance of Artha will be needed to support Kama. The path to liberation or enlightenment of Moksha is supported by the harmonious interaction of Dharma, Artha, and Kama.



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Vedanta tells us that you can discover your Dharma by studying sacred teachings from the examples of highly evolved people, reflecting on and following what satisfies your heart, and listening to your deepest inner feelings

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Artha is one of the basic human dignities—to have enough assets to live on and care for your family, without hoarding or being greedy. Artha guides you to ask the question, “What do I see as truly valuable?”

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Kama relates to this pleasure, which can be sensuality, but is also art, music, beauty, love, intimacy, affection, fellowship, and kindness—it’s what brings a sense of delight to your life.

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Such realization comes from self-knowledge and self-discipline. Moksha is self-discipline that is so perfect that it becomes unconscious, second nature, an unworldly understanding, and a state of bliss.





Shambhavi is an ancient path of spirituality, that embraces energy and life. It is a world of exploration and discovery using a myriad of practices and rituals that serve to bring more consciousness.


Shambhavi Yoga Peeth  believe personal Sadhana is the clearest and most direct way to reveal the truth.

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